Sunday, November 25, 2012

Center/Stations Assignment Sheet

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As I was typing up my plans for next week and getting ready to email them to my teammates, I thought……”hummmmm since several teachers like the Center Assignment sheet I do I should share it on my blog!”  
So, since I like to listen to good advice ….( lol ) I decided to do just that!

Here is a picture, but if you click below you can download a printed one to edit. 
Here is a picture of this week's assignments

       CLICK HERE -->  Center Assignment sheet for this week

Of course our class is digital, so my centers or stations, are set up to include using laptops on some days…..but not all the time.
I place a “Center Assignment” on every student’s desk on Monday morning.  Yes, I have to copy them, but I have found they are worth it. It makes the students accountable for their center work, as well as guides them.
After I have completed my whole group instruction, we read the Center Assignment sheet together and go over any details. After that the students rotate to the centers (using a rotation chart). Students √ check off each center as they complete it. They work in cooperative groups and help each other. It works really good!
I hope you find it helpful too!

Mayree !
....”Creativity is intelligence having fun” A. Einstein 

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