Monday, December 3, 2012

3-D Social Studies!

Our class has been studying about the Native Americans in Alabama, or the 4 C’s (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek). We studied where they lived and their trading routes.  The students chose a tribe and era and made a 3-D picture with a short summary of how they lived.  The students all had to draw their own pictures and cut them out.  They folded about ¼ inch down on the bottom of each picture to glue it to the background. 

To make the background…
  1. Fold a sheet of construction paper into a triangle, so that you can cut off the extra so that you turn an 8 x 11 sheet into a square.
  2. Fold the square so that your fold creases make an X across the paper.
  3. Cut from one corner to the center.
  4. Gently overlap the cut pieces so that the paper makes a 3-D triangle.  

fold paper to make a square
Cut off the extra so you have a square

Fold square in half so that you have fold creases to form an X

I drew a line on the creases so you could see them easier

Cut from one corner to the center. 

What it looks like if you cut it correctly.  :)

Overlap the corners and pull

continue to pull until the corner points meet

Staple or tape in place. 
Our Native Alabama Wall
Daisy's 3-D 

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