Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spirit Sticks !


There are many different ways we can monitor our students’ growth. I’m sure we all can share horror stories about the different tests and hoops our kids are made to go through.  But, alas it is a fact of life so we may as well make it 
F U N !

There are three 4th grade classrooms in my school.  We use STAR Enterprises for benchmark testing and progress monitoring.  Many of you I am sure are familiar with Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math which are both components of STAR.  Anywho,  we decided to challenge our classes.  We made SPIRIT STICKS for math and reading.  The classes compete for the most GROWTH, not the highest scores.  The class that shows the most growth gets to keep the spirit stick until the next testing cycle (usually 2 weeks). 

The winning class gets to do a “samba line” through the other classrooms cheering and shaking the Spirit Stick. 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” …..Albert Einstein

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