Sunday, November 25, 2012

Center/Stations Assignment Sheet

Hey there!

As I was typing up my plans for next week and getting ready to email them to my teammates, I thought……”hummmmm since several teachers like the Center Assignment sheet I do I should share it on my blog!”  
So, since I like to listen to good advice ….( lol ) I decided to do just that!

Here is a picture, but if you click below you can download a printed one to edit. 
Here is a picture of this week's assignments

       CLICK HERE -->  Center Assignment sheet for this week

Of course our class is digital, so my centers or stations, are set up to include using laptops on some days…..but not all the time.
I place a “Center Assignment” on every student’s desk on Monday morning.  Yes, I have to copy them, but I have found they are worth it. It makes the students accountable for their center work, as well as guides them.
After I have completed my whole group instruction, we read the Center Assignment sheet together and go over any details. After that the students rotate to the centers (using a rotation chart). Students √ check off each center as they complete it. They work in cooperative groups and help each other. It works really good!
I hope you find it helpful too!

Mayree !
....”Creativity is intelligence having fun” A. Einstein 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spirit Sticks !


There are many different ways we can monitor our students’ growth. I’m sure we all can share horror stories about the different tests and hoops our kids are made to go through.  But, alas it is a fact of life so we may as well make it 
F U N !

There are three 4th grade classrooms in my school.  We use STAR Enterprises for benchmark testing and progress monitoring.  Many of you I am sure are familiar with Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math which are both components of STAR.  Anywho,  we decided to challenge our classes.  We made SPIRIT STICKS for math and reading.  The classes compete for the most GROWTH, not the highest scores.  The class that shows the most growth gets to keep the spirit stick until the next testing cycle (usually 2 weeks). 

The winning class gets to do a “samba line” through the other classrooms cheering and shaking the Spirit Stick. 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” …..Albert Einstein

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Whew! What a ride it has been!  Working with students in a classroom in a low income school can be very challenging. I am sure that many of you can guess that going digital has its myths and truths. So let’s take a look at what I have experienced so far.  

            The “Pros and Cons” of going all Digital in the Classroom

What I thought it would be like --> What it turned out to be like

 Students would be distracted -->      With good management,
students are attentive. "Close your laptop to a 'finger width'.

Students will upload or look at inappropriate content.
 -->The District has blocks in place that controls most of the content. 
An observant teacher can control browsing at school. At home,
 It is the parent's responsibility.

Students will not grow as fast as they did without the technology.
-->    STAR testing shows my students are at or slightly above what
they were without computers.

The teacher will have nothing to do. -->     A good teacher will facilitate and guide her students acquisition of 
knowledge and skills. She will help her students take ownership of their education.

Teachers will not teach anymore. -->    There is a "pause" button,
use it.Good teachers use modeling, grand discussions, higher level questioning and manipulatives.

Students will not participate in cooperative learning groups. -->
 Centers (stations) are set up to encourage cooperative learning
groups with or without the aid of laptops.

Students will not read fluently. -->    Actually, students reading
fluency improves through choral reading and listening to fluent

Overall, I am glad we are digital.  A teacher wears many hats and I’ve had to add the “Technology Cap” to my wardrobe……..but didn’t I agree to be a lifelong learner when I became a teacher??    


“Creativity is intelligence having fun” …..Albert Einstein