Friday, July 27, 2012

Teacher Interview: 1st day of school

Make up index cards with only the answers to the questions on them.  Pass out the index cards to students.  Play “Who Has? I Have.”  Ask the class…..”Who thinks they have the card with the answer to this question: What is my favorite color?”  As each student answers, open up the conversation and discuss this part of your life.
When a student gives you the correct answer, take their card, but ask them a similar question and let them share with the class.

These are the questions I’ve decided to use.  Be sure you have a question for every student.

1.    Name of my horse…..Gracie
2.   Name of my daughter’s horse….Lady
3.   My youngest daughter’s name….Katie
4.   What I live on….farm
5.   My house cat’s name….Lily
6.   Another profession I have…..Artist
7.   One of my favorite hobbies….quilting
8.   My favorite subject in school…..Reading
9.   My least favorite subject in school…Math
10.  The subject I think is easiest to teach…..Math
11.   The hardest subject I think it is to teach….Grammar
12.  My favorite author….Lois Lowry
13.  My favorite chapter book…The Giver
14.  My favorite picture book…The other side of the fence
15.  My favorite color….green
16.  My daughter’s and Mrs. Hereford’s favorite color…..Purple
17.  How many children have I raised? …7
18.  How many total animals do I have?   11
19.  How long have I taught 4th grade? …..5 years
20.  What irritates me the most from students?........ Not trying
21.  Do we have homework on the weekends?  ……No.
22.  How much homework do we have?..... Depends on how you do in class
23.  What is the most important award in my classroom? …..Citizenship!
24.  What is my favorite food?.....  chocolate

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