Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chain of Events

(Story Sequence)

 This is a fun way to help students see the sequence in a story.  It can be changed for story elements, character traits or you name it!

 1.   Give the students 4 index cards with a hole punched in the middle (lengthwise)  at the top and bottom of each card. 
2.   On the 1st card, students will write the title and the author.  On the back side they will draw and color a scene that represents the story.
3.   On the 2nd card, students will write the beginning of the story and on the back side of that card illustrate a scene from this part of the story.
4.   Students will continue until the ending card.
5.   Spread open paperclips and connect them to the cards.
Hang them in the room. :)


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