Sunday, July 8, 2012

3 Forms of Numbers Card Game
My Set of 3 matching cards

Emily Playing the Game
My granddaughter and I went to the “Everything’s a Dollar” store and came up with a cool card game for students to play.  This game will reinforce the 3 forms of numbers, standard, expanded and word form, in a fun way.

I printed up 3 sheets of labels of various numbers in the 3 different forms. Next, I put the stickers on the backs of cards I purchased at the store.  (3 sets of cards for $1.00)  I’ve up loaded the labels that fit Avery 5260 and 5160 for you to use. 

Students can play the game in 2 different ways.  They can play it like “Go Fish” or using the “Rummy” rules.

I played this with my granddaughter and she preferred the Rummy way. She said it was more “challenging”. J
I plan on printing the rules of both games and let the players choose.

Everything you need to make your game is on the links below.  All you need to do is get an old set of playing cards or go to the Dollar store and get them.

I do plan on laminating my cards as I really think the kids will love this game and I want it to last!

Labels for your Avery 5160 or 5260 Click the link for your template

Click here for 1st sheet of number labels  Number labels

Click here for 2nd sheet of number labels  2nd sheet number labels

Click here for 3rd sheet of number labels 3rd sheet of number labels


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