Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to use the place value flip book in class

Ok, so here are the pictures of the flip book on place value. You would print all three documents in the link. This one package will be enough for 2 students.

Teach the lesson by instructing students to read large numbers in groups of 3 at a time (periods).
I use my copy of the flip book and the interactive board in my room.
Directions are on the journal sheet. Students will glue the journal sheet into their Math Journals.

Print all copies (the directions below sound confusing, but the pictures show how it's done.)

  • Cut the number strips out on the lines and staple 3 rows together on the left side in the order you want everyone to do.
  • Cut the comma page in half (1/2 for each student)
  • Pass to all students the following:  comma page, stapled number strips, journal page with red light
  • Staple or tape the stapled number strips behind the comma sheet.
  • Cut the comma sheet vertically just before the green "million" and again before the red "thousand"

Students will uncover 3 numbers at a time. Read and write the 3-digit number, then the comma name. Next they will uncover the next group of 3 numbers and continue until finished. 

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